Monday, November 27, 2017


Carol and I took a morning walk up the Lincoln Woods Trail to have a look at where much of the flow of the East Branch was diverted into Pine Island Brook during the Halloween storm, making the Pine Island Trail impassable.

This is where the Pine Island Trail formerly crossed a dry channel, now an impassable torrent with much of the flow of the East Branch running through it. (Photo taken 11/7/17)

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After we made a short bushwhack from the Lincoln Woods Trail, I dropped down the bank onto this vast rock field along the East Branch.

The new channel of the river breaks off to the left on the left side of the picture, just to the right of the low snowy bank.

A zoom on the new channel, splitting to the left of a small rocky point.

Logjams, probably a combination of Tropical Storm Irene and the Halloween storm.

 View of three Hitchcock summits across the rock field.

Looking downstream to Black Mountain.

Late November on the Lincoln Woods Trail.