Saturday, December 31, 2022

Favorite Photos from 2022

Looking back on a year in which I was fortunate to enjoy many hikes and bushwhacks, with visits to a good number of slides around the White Mountains. Best wishes to all for a healthy and happy 2023, with many fine hikes!

View from the 1883 south slide on Mt. Liberty.


Cath Goodwin descends the 1995 slide in the ravine between Little Haystack and Mt. Liberty, with the Kinsmans on the horizon.

Bondcliff in its winter glory, from the summit of Mt. Lafayette.

Fir woods aglow along Old Bridle Path.

Franconia Ridge Trail just north of the summit of Mt. Liberty.

Fiery sunset in the south branch of Walker Ravine, Franconia Range.

View of Cannon Mountain from slide on Carpenter's Ridge (west ridge of Mt. Lincoln).

Ice cliff on slide in north branch of Walker Ravine, Franconia Range.

Dude with sunglasses along Kettles Path, Waterville Valley (spotted by Carol).

Cascade on Dry Brook, on bushwhack up to Middle Moat Mountain.

Birch glade on SW ridge of Mt. Liberty, legacy of a 1903 forest fire.

Rhodora display on Southwest Slide, Mt. Osceola.

Mt. Lincoln from 2017 slide in Dry Brook Ravine.

Wrist Slide on Dix Mountain, Adirondacks.

SW view from Dix Mountain, Adirondacks, including Elk Lake.

Northern view from off-trail ledge on cone of Mt. Passaconaway.

Dan Newton and Friday relax on the Downes Brook Slide, Mt. Passaconaway.

View south from Mack Brook Slide, Scar Ridge.

Mt. Passaconaway looms large from a beaver pond in the Oliverian Brook valley.

Early summer greens on the 2011 West Sleeper Slide.

Mt. Lowell from slide on flank of Signal Ridge, Mt. Carrigain.

Ice axe lost by winter climber on 2017 slide in Burt Ravine, Presidential Range.

The Jewell Trail ridge rises above the Burt Ravine Slide.

Tuckerman Ravine from Harvard Rock, Boott Spur Trail. Hillman's Highway Slide on left.

Davis Path near Boott Spur, heading towards Mt. Washington.

Slide on north ridge of Mt. Whiteface, above Downes Brook valley.

One of nine slides on the east face of Mt. Clough, looking down at a beaver pond in Tunnel Brook Notch.

Geologist Thom Davis on the largest slide in Mt. Moosilauke's Slide Ravine, during field research for mapping the surficial geology of the USGS Mt. Moosilauke quadrangle.

Looking down the mid-1980s slide in Mt. Moosilauke's Tunnel (Benton) Ravine.


View north from the North Slide of Mt. Tripyramid.

View NW near the top of Mt. Osceola's Dogleg Slide.

View into Tunnel Brook Notch from the South Peak of Mt. Moosilauke.


Foliage view of Mud Pond and Slide Ravine, Tunnel Brook Notch.


A wild, trailless ravine on the NW side of Mt. Hancock, seen from an old slide.

The Kilkenny view from the north outlook on Mt. Crescent in Randolph, seen during the 2022 White Mountain CROP Hunger Walk.

The very steep slide on Terrace Mountain in The Kilkenny.

Looking down from the brink of a huge cliff on a western spur of the Pilot Range.

Hutchins Mountain and its old slide track seen across a meadow on a western spur of the Pilot Range.

View of Mt. Moosilauke's Tunnel (Benton) Ravine from a trailless ledge.


Sugar maple stand on the south slope of Chokecherry Hill (south ridge of Mt. Moosilauke).


View of Little Tunnel Ravine from the Benton Trail, Mt. Moosilauke.

View from the northernmost of six old slides in Mt. Moosilauke's Gorge Brook Ravine.


Friday, December 30, 2022

Scenes from Cape Cod: 12/26-28/22

Various scenes from the Lower Cape in late December, a quiet and beautiful time of year there, though the wind can be biting!

Nauset Marsh from the Fort Hill Trail, Cape Cod National Seashore, in Eastham.

Nauset Marsh.

Gnarled old tree on the Red Maple Swamp Trail, part of a 1.5 mile loop with Fort Hill Trail.

Boardwalk on the Red Maple Swamp Trail.

Doane Rock in Eastham, the largest known glacial boulder on Cape Cod. It was named for early Eastham settler Deacon John Doane. The rock stands 18 feet high and extends 12 feet underground. A fun little scramble to the top.

Strollers on Coast Guard Beach.

Pre-sunset over Nauset Marsh.

In the South Truro woods, Cape Cod National Seashore. Hundreds of wild, undeveloped acres here.


Heading towards the ocean on a sandy fire road.

Approaching the top of a towering sand cliff. Blue, blue water on a crisp December day.

Looking down at the Great Beach and out to the mighty Atlantic.

View from Bearberry Hill (115 ft.) in Truro, accessed by the Pamet Area Trails in the Cape Cod National Seashore.

Highland Light in Truro. The original lighthouse was built in 1797; the current one was built in 1857. In 1996 it was moved 450 feet back from the eroding clay cliff at the ocean's edge. Henry David Thoreau visited this lighthouse several times in the 1850s. He enjoyed hearing the tales of the lighthouse keepers.

Looking across Cape Cod Bay towards Provincetown at Corn Hill Beach in Truro.

Home plate view of Eldredge Park, home field of the Orleans Firebirds in the Cape Cod League, the premier summer collegiate baseball league in the country. Many current major leaguers have played here, including Aaron Judge, Chris Sale, Josh Donaldson, Kris Bryant, Jackie Bradley, Jr., Pete Alonso and George Springer. Hall of Famer Carlton Fisk played for Orleans (then named the Cardinals) in 1966, and fellow HOF inductee Frank Thomas played here in 1988.


It's a long poke to dead center. In 1988, Frank Thomas, "the Big Hurt," launched one over this sign.

Open glade of pitch pines by the shore of Flax Pond in Nickerson State Park, Brewster.

Pride Rock, on the shore of Flax Pond.

Geocaching, of course!


Flax Pond, a busy place in summer, but on this late December day we saw only three people on the 1 1/2 mile loop around the pond.