Friday, December 1, 2017


I enjoyed an excellent loop tour of several favorite ledges on the lower end of Acteon Ridge (Smarts Brook area) with Mark Klim and Dave Rogan. We took in a great variety of scenery on a fine sunny day with bare ground all the way and just a handful of icy patches.

We came in via the Smarts Brook Trail and admired the Smarts Brook Cascade from below...

...and above.

The lower Black Mountain from the Smarts Brook beaver pond.

An ice-fringed cascade on Smarts Brook.

Following an unofficial mountain bike trail.

Taking a break at the first set of ledges.

A large old birch.

Bare ground hardwood whacking!

An old bear tree.

There are deer in the area.

A nice hardwood glade.

Ascending a ledge ramp through a corridor of oaks.

Looking out to the Campton Range.

Sandwich Dome through the trees.


Approaching the top of the ramp.

The two Black Mountains on the SW ridge of Sandwich Dome.

Snoozing on November 30?

Comfortable enough for a boot shot.

Heading out for the next ledge.

Bear, we think.

Ice and moss.

A cool cliff in the woods.

A steep hardwood slope is our route.

We used the switchback technique to cut the grade.

Arriving at the great view ledge on Middle Acteon Peak, looking across the Smarts Brook valley at the two Black Mountains.


Jennings Peak, Sachem Peak, Sandwich Dome and the upper Black Mountain.

A wider view over the valley.

South to the Campton Range.

At the summit of Middle Acteon Peak (2489 ft.).

Intro to the summit register.


A mini-cave.

An impressive angle on this rock face.

A triple-trunked white ash.

Walking along the base of another rock face.

Ledges with fangs.

Known to rock climbers as the Bald Knob Cliff.

The last ledge of the day, on the south spur of Bald Knob.

Soaking up the low angle sun.

The last boot shot of 2017? This was the warmest spot of the day, mostly out of the biting breeze we'd encountered on the other ledges.

Taking it in.

Looking towards Sandwich Notch.

Descending through a beautiful hemlock forest.

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