Sunday, June 10, 2018


A before-work exploration on the south side of Tripoli Road, the site of the 19th century Thornton Gore hill farm community.

This Civil War era cemetery is located along the old Thornton Gore Road, which descends from Tripoli Road to Eastman Brook.

This is the grave of A. Wyman Pettengill of Thornton, NH, who served twice during the Civil War and died of disease at Fort Mansfield, MD on March 14, 1865 at the age of 20.

An old side road leads to this 19th century mill site on Talford Brook.

Next to the mill site is an attractive cascade.

On the south side of Eastman Brook I bushwhacked to an extensive area of beaver activity, with a string of several ponds and meadows.

This beaver pond/meadow sports a good-sized lodge.

Raccoon or muskrat [?] and deer.

This pond offers a view of Russell Pond Peak to the NW.

A closer look. The lower of the two white ledges is an excellent view perch.

Another pond, with a southern spur of Scar Ridge in the background.

One of many stone walls spread through the forest in this area. Will definitely be back for some more exploring in this interesting area.

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