Wednesday, June 6, 2018


A 5 mile loop on the Smarts Brook Trail and several mountain bike trails, ideal for a cool, cloudy morning. This good walking route took in a viewpoint, two ponds, a logging camp site, and a cascade.

Christmas cheer in June.

A view of Welch and Dickey Mountains on a spur off the Love Connection mountain bike trail.

Mountain bike trail sign. These are currently unofficial trails, but are slated to be incorporated into the WMNF traill system in the Wanosha management project, probably in 2019.

On the Wavy Gravy Trail, the boldest bikers drop over this ledge. These trails provide good walking, but one must be alert for mountain bikers. Didn't see anyone on today's hike.

Nice hardwood forest at the high point of Wavy Gravy.

Atwood Pond was the picture of serenity.

A unique crossing over a wet area on the Bridges Trail.

The Smarts Brook beaver pond, with Black Mountain looming in the background. A beaver was cruising around the pond.


Meadow on the west side of the pond.

A what's-it? artifact at a logging camp site next to the beaver pond. Smarts Brook was named for logging boss Frank Smart, who oversaw river drives down the Mad River in the 1920s.

Another artifact.

Sled runner leaning against a tree.

Broad granite slabs on Smarts Brook.

A tree has fallen across the popular Smarts Brook Cascade.

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