Friday, June 8, 2018


With clouds and possible showers in the forecast, Mark Klim and I postponed plans for a long, hobblebush-infested bushwhack in the Oliverian Brook valley. We opted instead for a leisurely ramble up the valley, visiting two cascades and undertaking a shorter whack to a small cliff on the east side of the valley, with a close-up view of Square Ledge and Mt. Passaconaway.

A wilderness wanderer.

A wide cascade on Oliverian Brook.

The confluence of Oliverian Brook and its west branch.

Deep woods on the lightly-travelled Oliverian Brook Trail.

One of the many faces of Oliverian Brook.

A former route of the trail, abandoned in the 1990s, is now completely overgrown.

Lots of ladyslippers.

Wild country out in this broad valley.

Balancing act.

A bunchberry garden.

Another cascade, deep in the valley.

Approaching the base of the cliff on an old slide track. Beware of loose rock - I inadvertently sent one tumbling down past Mark.

Looking up at the cliff.

Mark emerges from a densely wooded, steep sidehill stretch. A long flanking maneuver was required to get to the top of the cliff.

Looking down from the top of the cliff, which is densely grown with brush. This was my fourth visit to this obscure spot.

A shaley side cliff.

Freshly greened spurs of Passaconaway: Wonalancet Hedgehog and Nanamocomuck Peak.

The great cliff face of Square Ledge.

Looking north down the Oliverian Brook valley, with Mt. Hancock in the distance.

Hedgehog Mountain and the East Ledges.

Mt. Passaconaway finally emerges from its cloud-cap.

Nanamocomuck and Square Ledge, with their parent peak in back.

In the Paugus woods.

Hobblebush rules on the upper Oliverian Brook Trail.

Streamside break on the way out.

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