Wednesday, February 27, 2013


On a cloudy, almost spring-like day, Carol and I headed to one of our favorite winter destinations: Bridal Veil Falls on Coppermine Brook, tucked into a deep ravine on the back side of Cannon Mountain. Though there are no open views on this hike, it is a beautiful woodland ramble, and the icy amphitheatre surrounding the falls is a picturesque scene worth returning to often.

The Coppermine Trail was originally opened by Appalachian Mountain Club trampers in 1881. The lower part of the trail follows old woods roads at easy grades. The snow today was wet and sticky, but we did not have problems with it clumping on our snowshoes.

About halfway along the trail is this nice spot beside Coppermine Brook. There are small ledgy cascades here in summer.

I love the open hardwood area the trail traverses about two-thirds of the way to the falls.

Some impressive work by a Pileated Woodpecker.

The USFS Coppermine Shelter was in good shape, nice and clean inside.

Approaching the falls through snow-drenched conifers.

Looking up at the amphitheatre from the lower part of the falls.

Carol climbing the snow ramp that leads to the shelf at the base of the upper falls. This is easier to access in winter than in summer, when there are wet, slippery ledges to negotiate.

Someone had placed an ornament on a tree below this beautiful blue ice formation. It put Carol back into the Christmas spirit.

We love the view looking up at the tiers of ice on the upper deck, with the snow-laden spruces guarding the rim and the frozen and buried main waterfall on the right.

A view from the side.

A neat cave at the base of the cliffs.

A happy snowshoer.

We took a nearly hour-long lunch break here, and had the place to ourselves.

A tall spruce at the base of the waterfall.

Heading back through the hardwoods.

On the way down we did a little bushwhacking along the brook. The Coppermine Trail is always a rewarding hike in winter.


  1. Hi Steve,

    It's terrific that your schedules allowed you and Carol to hike together, and especially to such a neat place as Bridal Veil Falls! That ornament in the tree was an unusual find! Considering the wind, etc that we've had since the Christmas season, one would think that it had to have been put there relatively recently.

    Judging from your photos, it can probably be safely assumed that ice/snow obscured the boulder in Coppermine Brook with the Betty Davis plaque! :-)


    1. Hi John,

      The ornament did look like it was placed there not too long ago. The Bette Davis plaque rock was, indeed, buried in snow, as was the entire brook!