Friday, March 1, 2013


On a spring-like day with weather better than predicted, Carol and I snowshoed a favorite loop that includes Lonesome Lake, using the Hi-Cannon Trail, Dodge Cutoff and Lonesome Lake Trail. It was 39 degrees when we started out, and the snow was wet - but it didn't clump up on our snowshoes.

We turned right onto the Hi-Cannon Trail and broke trail through about three inches of wet snow atop a solid old track.

Hi-Cannon is a fun trail to snowshoe, with many twists and turns and short little switchbacks - much more interesting than the long straight grades on the Lonesome Lake Trail.

Carol taking a break on the climb up Hi-Cannon.

After a 1.2 mile/1100 ft. climb, we turned left onto the lightly-used Dodge Cutoff. This hadn't been traveled in some time, and entailed breaking trail through about a foot of heavy powder. The first section was tightly lined with snow-covered conifers.

Carol led the breaking for the entire 0.3 mile length of Dodge Cutoff. Farther along there are nice open mixed woods. This trail is removed from the Parkway traffic noise and has a nice remote feeling to it.

We descended to the major trail junction by the east shore of Lonesome Lake.

Admiring the view across to a socked-in South Kinsman.

We crossed the lake on a surprisingly unpacked track and headed up to check out Lonesome Lake Hut, which has a nice view back from the deck.

Welcome sign in the common room/dining area. In the winter the hut is open on a caretaker basis; guests do their own cooking.

Helpful tips for winter guests.

The place was extremely quiet; in fact, we encountered no one on our hike except at the trailhead.

The main entrance to the hut from the Fishin' Jimmy Trail.

We snowshoed about 0.3 mile up the mellow first section of the Fishin' Jimmy Trail, finding some deep snow in places. The snow has come late and heavy this winter.

Following the white blazes of the A.T.

Crossing back over the lake beneath the steep southern brow of Cannon Mountain. What a great spot in winter!

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