Tuesday, February 12, 2013


A morning snowshoe with Carol and our friend J.R. Stockwell, with fresh snow and sunny skies. A beautiful day!

Pine Island Brook has frozen up pretty well since the big thaw/rain on January 28.

This blurry photo shows an unusually tame Red-Breasted Nuthatch that took turns alighting on each of us. Never seen this before.

Looking upstream to Galehead Mountain and South Twin.

J.R. 'shoeing through the hardwoods.

J.R. took a nice photo of Carol and me. Thanks!

 J.R. checks out the view from a powder-covered outwash. A true adventurer, he was climbed the icy slide seen on the L on Scar Ridge, in the background.

Carol 'shoeing through the conifers.

View of Whaleback Mountain and its ledgy spurs.

Owl's Head rises above the East Branch.

Carol and J.R. snowshoeing along "the beach" near the north end of Pine Island Trail.

Mt. Flume and a spur of Whaleback Mountain loom above a bank heavily eroded by Tropical Storm Irene.

From an outwash near the Pine Island Trail, a view upstream to West Bond and Bondcliff.

 J.R. has climbed, in winter, three of the five south-facing slides on West Bond. Overall, he has fashioned at least three bushwhack routes to every NH 4000-footer, so far.

Looking downstream to Black Mountain. The East Branch had an interesting green tint today.

"Peak 2675" seen beyond debris from Tropical Storm Irene and ice chunks deposited by the late January thaw.


  1. What a terrific photo of you and Carol!

    Another photo that is particularly appealing to me is the view upstream to West Bond and Bondcliff. It's a terrific wintertime scene in the Whites!

    I also like the profile photo of J.R. which is made especially nice by having one of his many conquests shown in the background. But of course, almost any outdoor photo taken of J.R. in the Whites would likely include one of his conquests somewhere in the background! :-)