Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Dickey Bushwhack: 4/5/21


Made the most of a three-hour late day window with a walk through Dickey Notch followed by a bushwhack most of the way up Dickey Mountain and a descent by trail.

I always enjoy the beaver ponds in Dickey Notch.

Beaver works. The north wind was whipping through the Notch today.

Fine hardwoods on the floor of the Notch.

Started the whack by this picturesque boulder.

Pointing the way.

Almost twins.

Rock-ribbed terrain.

Welcoming corridor.

Biggest maple of the day.

Blowdown area to steer around.

Lots of nice woods on broad-spreading Dickey Mountain.


Higher up, the terrain turns ledgy.

Into the spruces.

Emerged on the trail at ~2400 ft.

Too late in the day to head for the summit, so I hung out here for a few minutes.

Evening sun on Welch and Sandwich Dome.

Looking back at Dickey's dome.

The 346th photo I've taken of the mysterious stone circle.

Looking south down the top of the big slab.

Always impressive.

An outstanding duo.

Last look.

It must be midweek in April.

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