Saturday, May 12, 2018


Spring maintenance trip on the west half of the UNH Trail to Hedgehog Mountain. Big thanks to Mark Klim (who toughed it out on a very sore foot) as we put in a full day with 36 drainages cleaned and 21 blowdowns removed.

On the way over the Kanc we took a short walk down the Sawyer River Trail to see this surging cascade on the Swift River.

Mark does an undercut on a leaner along the railroad grade section at the start of the trail.

One lingering bit of monorail.

Trout lily.

Mark makes the second of three cuts on this leaner.

Trailside destruction caused by a microburst from the late October storm, above Allen's Ledge.

Good axe work by Chris Garby last fall.

Another in a series of downed spruces.

We left this big one for the pros. It's a duck-under or go-around. (Big thanks to ace axeman Chris Garby, who took it out two days later.)

Taking a break after more sawing.

Late afternoon at the summit of Hedgehog, looking over the Oliverian Brook valley and the route of Passaconaway Cutoff, a mainentance trip for another day.

Mt. Passaconaway and its eastern spurs.

A well-deserved rest in the sun and refreshing breeze.

Looking out at Mt. Chocorua and Mt. Paugus before heading down.

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