Thursday, May 10, 2018


I enjoyed a leisurely late afternoon loop over Chickenboro Brook Hill, a low peak in the Campton Range, passing by remains from an 1800s settlement and stopping at a scenic beaver meadow. Most of the hike was on unofficial mountain bike trails that will be incorporated into the WMNF system next year.

A fine mountain bike trail traverses the crest of Chickenboro Brook Hill. Nice to walk, expert bikers only.

The summit of Chickenboro Brook Hill (1740 ft.)

Mt. Weetamoo and its western spurs through the trees.

Part of a stone wall that probably marked pastureland in the mid-1800s, when there were several farms in the settlement known as Chickenboro, part of the towns of Campton and Thornton. The trail that goes by here is named Stegosaurus.

Easy walking through here on another mountain bike trail. The area has the feel of the Land That Time Forgot.

Another stone wall.

A small cellar hole. The Chickenboro settlement was abandoned by the 1880s.

Mt. Weetamoo presides over a beaver meadow on Chickenboro Brook. The spring peepers were rocking!

Ascending along the inlet brook for the beaver meadow.

Red Trillium.

Another trillium, one of the finest spring flowers.

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