Thursday, May 3, 2018


Following a generally cold and raw early spring, suddenly it was sunny and in the 80s. After a morning of yard work, I took a lazy afternoon bushwhack hike to a favorite view ledge on the Campton Range that I had bypassed on the previous day's trek to Mt. Weetamoo. It was a day to move slowly and savor the terrain and the trees.

Heading into this favorite little range again.

This tributary of Chickenboro Brook was a welcome sight on a hot day.

Familiar rocks from a different angle.

There's a ledge up there!

It has a limited view of the NE ridge of Mt. Weetamoo, which I had traversed the day before.

Peering down into the forest.

Hardwood heaven in a secluded drainage.

A trickling headwater of Chickenboro Brook.

A steepening portal leads to the ridgetop.

I made an exploratory diversion to a western knob. No views here.

Mossy spruce woods on the knob with the view ledge.

Dropoff from the view ledge.

 I lounged here for a long time in the hot afternoon sun. The wind was gusting and roaring at this exposed perch.

Across the Chickenboro Brook bowl to Mt. Weetamoo and its western spurs. From here I could survey the routes I'd used on two recent bushwhacks.

A hazy view west to Stinson and Carr Mountains.

The black spot in the middle is a bear I spotted as I began my descent. I watched it shuffling in the leaves for a minute, then made a quiet retreat and continued on my way down the other side of the ridge.

Up and over a col for the descent.

Looking back up the tributary brook, in late afternoon sun.

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