Sunday, August 27, 2017


On a cool, almost fall-like day I joined my brother Drew and my nephew Mike and his girl friend Joy (who live in NYC) for a hike to these old favorites. It was Mike's first visit to Greeley, and Joy's first hike ever in the Whites. They liked it!

Mike and Joy are both excellent photographers and stopped to take some shots of the Hancock Branch North Fork.


On the Greeley Ponds Trail, approaching Mad River Notch.

An oddball birch atop a boulder that we had to calculate the weight of for an "Earthcache" (a virtual geocache).

A peaceful scene at Upper Greeley Pond.

The west knob of Mt. Kancamagus and the K2 Cliff.

Across Upper Pond to the cliff-faced NE arm of East Osceola.

A nice shoreside grassy area for relaxing.

Taking it all in.

Looking south to the sprawling mass of East Osceola.

Happy hiking trio.

The north end of Lower Greeley Pond.

Beavers have raised the water level and submerged a shoreside gravel bar that was a nice hangout spot.

View from the south end of the Lower Pond.

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