Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Carol and I took a late afternoon hike to the huge glacial erratic known as Goodrich Rock, tucked into the woods on the lower slope of East Osceola. Hot, humid weather gave way to a prolonged thunderstorm on the way out. The round trip to Goodrich Rock from the Livermore trailhead is 4 miles with 750 ft. of elevation gain via the Livermore, Greeley Ponds and Goodrich Rock Trails.

The Goodrich Rock Trail weaves through a collection of large erratics known as the Davis Boulders. The trail leads through this crevice in a split rock.


We call this one the "Ocean Liner."


Spruce woods along the approach to Goodrich Rock.

The trail dips around the base of Goodrich Rock.

A rock table at the foot of Goodrich Rock.

An old Waterville Valley Athletic & Improvement Association (WVAIA) trail sign shows the way up and around to the back side of the rock.

The top of Goodrich Rock is accessed by a tall ladder maintained by the WVAIA.

A hazy view of Mt. Tecumseh from the top of the rock.

There's a nice view across the valley to Sandwich Dome and part of the northern Flat Mountain.

Noon Peak and the Drakes Brook valley under the summit of Sandwich Dome.

The view from the top of the ladder. The first step down is the tricky part.

Low water in the Mad River. Thunder rumbled around us all the way out, but oddly there was very little rain.

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