Friday, December 6, 2013


An easy morning hike into a unique preserve in the town of Bedford, west of Manchester. I parked at the spacious trailhead off New Boston Rd. and headed to Pulpit Rock on the gently-graded Kennard Trail. 

A trail map on the kiosk by Pulpit Rock, reached after a 0.6 mi. walk.

Pulpit Rock, which has been a locally famous natural attraction for many years.

 I made a loop down past the floor of the gorge on the rugged little Ravine Trail and Granite Trail.

 Looking at Pulpit Rock from ledges on the other side of the gorge, which was carved by torrential glacial meltwater.

Many interesting rock formations in here.

View up from the floor of the gorge.

Sculpted by the power of falling/flowing water.

Peering into the gorge from the brink of Pulpit Rock.

A peaceful scene along Pulpit Brook, seen from the Blue Trail.

A short spur from the Kennard Trail leads to a ledge overlooking a marsh along Pulpit Brook. This is a nice little wild area in the heavily developed Merrimack valley.

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