Thursday, February 10, 2022

Viewfest on Mt. Liberty: 2/9/22

I climbed Mt. Liberty on one of the best days of the winter, with wall-to-wall sun and endless views of snow-crusted peaks. Snowshoeing conditions were excellent.

Near the start of my trek I ran into Fawn Langerman, who was descending from a sunrise hike of Liberty and Flume. The sun was pouring into the hardwoods on the lower part of Liberty Spring Trail.

After the right turn at 2500 ft., Liberty Spring Trail climbs relentlessly, gaining 1700 ft. of elevation in 1.3 miles. Here I chatted with Beth Zimmer, on her way down. We agreed that this climb is "soul-crushing."

Always glad to reach this landmark.

A solo snowshoer ahead.

Crest of the ridge.

Snowy corridor.

Winter sky.

Sun-streaked fir forest.

First view looking north along the ridge - oh my!

Steep pitch up to the open ledgy crest just before the summit.

First view east to Owl's Head, the Twin-Bond Range and the gleaming Presidentials.

Sun and shadow on Bondcliff.


Kinsmans, Cannon Balls and Cannon.

Sprawling mass of the Kinmans.

Snowshoer heading for the top.

Slide-scarred Redrock Brook cirques, Mt. Guyot and the Presys.

Liberty's iconic summit crags.

After a chat, a snowshoer heads down the ridge.

At the summit, it was nice to run into Ken Robichaud, Philip Werner and Wanda Rice. They had been over to Mt. Flume and back.

The slide-streaked face of Mt. Flume with the southern Whites beyond.

Zoom on Flume.

Scar Ridge, Mt. Tecumseh and Sandwich Dome.


Mt. Carrigain and the Hancocks. All told, 32 NH 4000-footers can be seen from Liberty. With abundant sun and only a light wind, it was an ideal day to take in the views.

The vastness of the Pemigewasset Wilderness: looking up the East Branch valley to the Nancy Range in the distance.

Looking west.

Liberty's southern crags.

Who came here?

Lincoln Brook valley.


Perhaps the finest view of Mt. Garfield.

Heading down after two hours of soaking in the views, I found a different angle on the Kinsmans.

Looking back.

Last look.

Into the woods.

A perfect packed powder snowshoe track.

Three-foot plus snowpack.

Sun and shadow down in the hardwoods.

Snowshoeing into the sunset.


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