Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Foliage at Downes Brook: 9/28/20

Took an afternoon off for a quick walk up Downes Brook Trail and a leisurely wander up the broad lower ledge slabs of the 1890s Downes Brook Slide on the north side of Mt. Passaconaway. The reward was an ever-changing gallery of fall colors, which are peaking very early this year.

Sled runner poking up at an old logging camp site.

Downes Brook at the first trail crossing. With the drought the crossings were as easy as they get.

At the second crossing.

Into the Wilderness, with a new "No Biking" sign.

Emerging on the lower slabs of the slide, with the northern spur of Mt. Passcaonaway peering down.

Foliage is well-displayed along the forest edge.

Mt. Eisenhower and Mt. Tremont in the distance.

Looking across the low-angle slab during a rare break of sun.

Conway Granite and forest palette.

Wall of orange.


Framed ledge step.

The dark green spruce of "South Potash" and Potash Mountain.


Burst of color beneath Passaconaway.

Streaks of moss on the granite.

Bright passageway.

Turn-around point.

The "Ring of Power," presumably used by the Conway Lumber Company's Swift River Railroad (1906-1916) to lower logs with a cable or chain.

Many tints in this scene.


 Swirls in the sky.

Parting shot.



  1. Love this ledge walk on the old slide. Beautiful pics of the area--and the trees are vibrantly colored!

  2. Dang, I'm missing NH this fall! Beautiful colors.

  3. Superb
    Would u say that was peak foliage??

    1. I would say that was about the peak. A week or more early this year.

  4. Brings back happy memories of a Smarts-Cube traverse several years ago. A car spot of some length.