Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Morning at Greeley Ponds: 7/22/19

The great "50 Hikes" author Daniel Doan called the Greeley Ponds "a perennial joy," and I wholeheartedly agree.

Upper Greeley Pond from the trail.

Carol takes a shot from the viewpoint at the SE shore.

Tall Meadow-rue, I think.

The imposing eastern front of East Osceola.

The two slides I visited last week near the summit of East Osceola.

The great line of cliffs on the mountain's northeastern spur, under which the Mt. Osceola Trail passes.

Swamp Candles.

From the trail, you can look up the rubbly runout from the combined 1892 and 1950s slides that fell off the steep slope above Upper Greeley Pond.

Lower Greeley Pond and the K2 Cliff on the west knob of Mt. Kancamagus.

There were several Purple Fringed Orchids blooming by Lower Greeley Pond.

The trail crosses the runout from an 1897 East Osceola slide that partly filled Lower Greeley Pond.

Lower Greeley Pond from the SW corner.

Taking in the view north into Mad River Notch.

Profile on the K1 Cliff.

Looked like an emerging bloom of Swamp Rose.

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