Thursday, July 4, 2019

Black Pond: 7/3/19

A 7-mile morning stroll at Lincoln Woods.

The Camp 8 clearing beside Lincoln Woods Trail, just past the Osseo Trail junction. This logging camp was in use for many years during the East Branch & Lincoln logging railroad operations.

Bondcliff view up the East Branch.

A quiet early morning, even during a holiday week.

Bed frames at Camp 7, by the Black Pond Trail junction.

Serene wetland along the Black Pond Trail, adjacent to the old Ice Pond used to provide refrigeration for J.E. Henry's logging camps.

This clearing along the Black Pond Trail is not given a logging camp number on the various maps of the East Branch & Lincoln Railroad.

There are a few (protected) artifacts hidden amidst the ferns at this site.

No camping within 200 feet of Black Pond.

The spire-like south peak of Owl's Head is seen from the pond's outlet.

The Black Pond Trail ends at a quiet, inviting spot at the pond's edge.


Wider view.


A finely-shaped tamarack.

Bondcliff mirror.

 A peaceful stretch of Birch Island Brook.

Mt. Flume seen from the edge of the old Ice Pond.

Classic summer day.

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