Thursday, July 5, 2018


On a muggy, misty morning...

Remains of a trestle over Clear Brook, from the Woodstock & Thornton Gore Railroad (1909-1914). The Little East Pond Trail follows this railroad grade for 0.7 mile. Note the moss-topped iron spike.

Artifact from a logging camp near Clear Brook. (Please note that these artifacts are protected and it is illegal to remove them from the WMNF.)

This piping was apparently part of a gravity-feed water system that served the logging camp.

Sled runners.

Little East Pond under a shroud of mist.

Fog swirling around a shoulder of Scar Ridge.

Big blowdown removed by Pemi Ranger District trail crew.

Foundation at the site of the Tripoli Mill, which processed tripoli (diatomaceous earth) dredged from East Pond. The mill operated from about 1911-1919. Its story is told here:

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