Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Carol and I enjoyed a mellow morning hike on the Fletcher's Cascade Trail in Waterville Valley. As we figured, the flow at the cascade was miniscule, but the trail is a lovely walk. On the way back we visited two historic sites along Drakes Brook and came back via the Drakes Brook Trail.

On the Fletcher's Cascade Trail.

Cascades on Drakes Brook, slightly off-trail.

A closer look.

Towering hemlocks on the approach to Fletcher's Cascades.

Wonder how long it took to chop through this big hemlock trunk.

Checking out the staircase ledges at the lower part of Fletcher's Cascades. (Photo by Carol)

As expected, just a dribble sliding over the ledges.

Looking down the ledgy bed of Bowlder Brook, named for three large boulders at its confluence with Drakes Brook.

A peek at Mt. Tecumseh.

Gear mechanism from a log driving dam used on Drakes Brook in the1920s. Several dams around Waterville Valley controlled flow for the log drives down the Mad River. Thanks to Ray "Jazzbo" Caron for intel on this find a couple of years ago.

Timber and spikes from the old dam.

More timbers.

A large old wash basin at an old logging camp site along the Drakes Brook Trail.

One of several half-buried bed frames scattered around the site.

A smooth and lovely stretch of the Drakes Brook Trail.

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