Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Catching up on some spring hiking posts after a computer glitch hiatus. On a breezy spring day, Mark Klim and I headed to the Belknaps for some mostly snow-free hiking with good views. Kudos to the Belknap Range Trail Tenders (BRATTS) for their excellent maintenance on the Belknap trails.

The Lakes Region Conservation Trust has conserved two tracts on Piper Mountain.


Looking north to the Sandwich Range from ledges on Whiteface Mountain.

Mark approaches the summit of Whiteface - the last peak he needed to complete the Belknap 12. Congrats!

We followed a herd path steeply down to the top of the south cliffs of Whiteface, a fine perch with a remote feel. These cliffs are what gave Whiteface its name. Durrell Mountain is seen on the L.

Heading back across the open top of Whiteface. Pretty amazing views for a 1600-footer.

Gunstock (L) and the broad crest of Piper rise nearby to the north.

Pleasant ledgy climbing on the Piper-Whiteface Link.

Eastern view from ledges near the south summit of Piper.

Cairn artwork.

Approaching the north summit of Piper.

Taking in the view from the summit throne.

View of the eastern Belknaps across the Moulton Brook valley from an outlook along the Old Piper Trail.

Piper Mountain's long ridge from an outlook along the White Trail.

We bushwhacked down to a clifftop at the head of the Moulton Brook valley.

This was one of the neatest places we've been to in the Belknaps. It would be fun to explore that valley someday.

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