Friday, April 21, 2017


Gloomy skies prevailed, but I enjoyed excellent hardwood bushwhacking -- 99% snow-free --for this afternoon ramble on the Campton Range.

For the approach to and exit from the north ridge of Mt. Weetamoo, I used the Chickenboro logging road (off Sandwich Notch Road) and this unofficial mountain bike trail.

While whacking up this slope I saw something large and dark moving up ahead. I think it was a bear, but didn't get a clear look. I made sure I went a little farther around in the other direction.

Approaching a col on the ridge.

Happy Golden Anniversary to somebody! I packed it out.

I made my way to a ledge with a nice view of Mt. Weetamoo across the upper valley of Chickenboro Brook. I first visited this spot a year ago in April.

Stinson and Carr Mountains in the distance.

A pretty good dropoff in front.

Moose sign on the ridge.

Just a few feet away was this bear tree.

There are a number of black cherry trees on this ridge, rather unusual for the Whites.

A ridgetop erratic.

A fallen black cherry.

Hardwood cols like this are cozy, somehow.

How does a tree get twisted like this? Remarkable!

This ferny ledge offered a surprise view north to Sachem Peak and Jennings Peak.

Zoomed in.

From another spot nearby there was another surprise: a view east across Sandwich Notch. Upper Hall Pond is below.

Mt. Israel and Dinsmore Mountain. I had just explored Dinsmore a few days earlier.

A level ridgetop glade.

Poor lighting, but this mossy beech was an eye-catcher.

This spot reminds me of the open glades and gnarled hardwoods of ridges in the Catskills.

I investigated one more ledge, which had a peek at the next hump southward along the ridge.

My descent back to the valley started at this col.

I descended through this fine mature hardwood forest on the flank of the ridge, at the base of a very steep slope.

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