Wednesday, April 19, 2017


On a perfect spring day I enjoyed an interesting bushwhack to this 2303-ft. neighbor of Mt. Israel on the eastern side of Sandwich Notch. Lots of hardwoods, some steep terrain, and pretty good views, though I had to work for them.

This is a view of Dinsmore Mountain from the fields near the Mead Base trailhead. I went up over the two spurs in front to the summit in the back.

I found some mellow hardwood whacking after leaving the Wentworth Trail a short distance up from the trailhead.

I crossed the brook that drains the south-facing valley between Dinsmore and Israel.

A steep slope led up to the ledgy southern shoulder.

I was surprised to find a stone wall at the top of the 1900-ft. shoulder. There was another stone wall farther up the ridge towards the summit.

Down at the edge was ledge perch looking across the Mead Base fields to the Ossipee Range.

Mt. Israel looms close by to the east.

It was a spectacular spring day.

Red Hill and Dinsmore Pond.

Impassable-looking cliffs guard the next spur to the north.

A long flanking maneuver around some gnarly terrain was required.

There are a number of cliffs hidden in the woods.

A weaving route got me to the top of the cliffy spur, and a nice view of Squam Lake.

The spur drops off in some seriously steep oak-wooded terrain.

This stretch across a flat snow-filled conifer shoulder wasn't a lot of fun.

The wooded summit of Dinsmore, a "2000-footer." Mine was the second 2017 entry in the register.

Heading north along the ridge, I dropped into this lovely hardwood draw.

An unusual fusion of beech and maple.

By a roundabout route, skirting more hidden cliffs, I found the best spot of the day: a secluded ledge with a view NE to the Sandwich Range.

The Tripyramids, the Sleepers and Mt. Whiteface.

Next to the ledge was this neat little hardwood ravine. I love finding little spots like this in the backcountry.

Late afternoon sun in the broad Dinsmore-Israel col.

A massive split oak on the descent through the valley.

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