Monday, January 4, 2016


With each New Year it's fun to look back at the varied hiking trips enjoyed through the previous twelve months. In 2015 I was fortunate to visit many beautiful places in the Whites and other Northeastern mountains, and I was grateful for the fine company of my wife Carol and several friends with whom I shared some of these journeys. Here's to another good year of tramping in 2016!

North and South Hancock and "Juno Peak" from "Hancock Bog" off the Cedar Brook Trail.

Cauliflower ice at Birch Island Brook Falls, off the Black Pond Trail.

Late afternoon at Black Pond, with Mount Flume in the distance.

 The Tripyramids from a slide on the flank of East Osceola, above Lower Greeley Pond.

Potash Mountain from the lower Downes Brook Slide on Mount Passaconaway.

The cliffs of Agony Ridge (Old Bridle Path) from an old slide patch in Walker Ravine.

Linda Moore descends the slide patch.

Mount Lafayette from a ledge on the ridge north of Lafayette Brook.

Alpenglow on Lafayette from a lower ledge above Lafayette Brook.

Linda Moore enjoys the view of Franconia Ridge from Mud Pond, tucked into the forest behind Mount Pemigewasset.

Beaver Pond and Kinsman Notch from a clifftop.

Linda Moore snowshoes up the Beaver Brook Cascades. During this cold, snowy winter skiers frequently ran the cascades.

This was often the story during the bitter month of February.

Carol admires one of the several frozen cascades along the Cascade Path in Waterville Valley.

Looking down the Waternomee Waterslide on Clough Mine Brook in Kinsman Notch.

The Presidentials from the drifted summit of Mount Jackson.

Late afternoon on Mount Tom, with Mount Field seen beyond a local resident.

Approaching the summit of Mount Moosilauke on the Gorge Brook Trail.

North Kinsman and Kinsman Pond from South Kinsman.

Peering down into Jobildunk Ravine from a drift along the Beaver Brook Trail.

Weaving through a winter wonderland en route to the summit of Mount Blue. With five feet of snow, there was no sign of the summer herd path.

At the east edge of Zeta Pass in the Carter Range, I found a view out over the remote valley of Cypress Brook.

The view east over the Wild River Wilderness from deep snowpack at the summit of Middle Carter.

En route to Mount Cabot on the Kilkenny Ridge Trail, I had a nice visit with Grid hikers the Footes and the Schors.

 Hanging out with mismatched snowshoes on the vast talus field on the south slope of Cabot.

The view from the top of the Beaver Brook Cascades in early April.

A beautiful glade at 2800 ft. in Kinsman Notch.

The view north from Dickey Mountain to the wild spurs of Mount Tecumseh.

Various spurs of Carr Mountain seen in the north view from Rattlesnake Mountain.

Neat rock overhangs encountered while bushwhacking from Bald Ledge to Upper Rattlesnake Mountain.

Greetings from a water snake on the shore of Colgate Lake in the Catskills.

Old growth hardwoods high on the slope of Blackhead Mountain, during a bushwhack loop over this Catskill high peak.

Mike Dickerman takes in the Hudson Valley view from a ledge near the summit of Blackhead, where we were briefly on-trail.

 The highlight of our bushwhack loop was this viewpoint up on Blackhead's trailless south ridge, with the Devil's Path peaks lining the horizon.

Mike checks out a ledge along the Devil's Path on the Sugarloaf side of the Mink Hollow pass.

Relaxing on Orchard Point, a terrific viewpoint at the NW end of Plateau Mountain.

Delightful ridgetop hardwood walking on the Pine Hill-West Branch Trail, atop Haynes Mountain.

Spring greens on the west slope of Eagle Mountain, where I searched in vain for a once-upon-a-time view.

Back in the Whites, a gorgeous maple forest on Bald Hill, south of Mount Moosilauke.

Tunnel Brook ponds and the South Peak of Mount Moosilauke from a slide on Mount Clough.

A mossy waterslide on a tributary of Sabbaday Brook, visited during a bushwhack ascent of Middle Tripyramid.

Peering down into the Sabbaday Brook valley from Middle Tripyramid.

View of Little Tunnel Ravine from an outlook along the Benton Trail.

Linda Moore points north along the bare crest of Mount Moosilauke.

Alex from the Saco Ranger District trail crew and Gary Tompkins from the AMC 4000-Footer Committee admire their blowdown removal work on the Passaconaway Cutoff on National Trails Day.

The Upper Pond of the Three Ponds seen from a small cliff above the Three Ponds Trail.

The gorgeous pothole pool above Dry River Falls, deep in the Presidential Range-Dry River Wilderness.

Evening on Mount Eisenhower.

Taking a snooze on Stowe Pinnacle in Vermont, with Camel's Hump in the distance. (Photo by Carol Smith)

Moss Glen Falls, reached by a short hike not far outside of Stowe.

On a day trip to the Adirondacks from Stowe, Carol logs a geocache at the remote trailhead known as Crow Clearing.

Lost Pond in the Hurricane Mountain Wilderness.

Lost Pond and Hurricane Mountain from Weston Mountain.

More than 30 Adirondack High Peaks could be seen from the many view ledges along the unofficial trail on Nun-da-ga-o Ridge.

Back in the Whites, a mellow ridge meander on the Sandwich Mountain Trail.

 Gazing into the Smarts Brook valley from Jennings Peak.

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