Saturday, June 27, 2015


 On a gorgeous Wednesday we headed off to Stowe, VT for a three-day hiking mini-vacation. In the afternoon we climbed Stowe Pinnacle, a western spur of the Worcester Range. What a view for a 1000-foot climb!

On the way to Vermont we stopped for a geocache on beautiful Lake Katherine on Rt. 25C in Piermont, a little-known gem of the WMNF.


We took the easier and more scenic of the two routes up Stowe Pinnacle, via the Pinnacle Meadow Trail. A half-mile up the trail you are rewarded with this view of Mt. Mansfield and the Sterling Range from Pinnacle Meadow.

This old leaning yellow birch is a landmark along the trail.

The gradient on this hike is mostly easy except for two steeper rock staircase sections, and a few minor ledge scrambles approaching the summit, a couple of which have small ladders.

Emerging on the summit ledges, we could look up at Hogback Mountain on the upper ridge of the Worcester Range.

What an expansive view to the west! Mount Mansfield and the Sterling Range.

The distinctive profile of Mt. Mansfield.

The many peaks of Bolton Mountain.

To the southwest, Camel's Hump and its southern neighbor, Mt. Ethan Allen.


Looking south down the Green Mountain chain all the way to Mt. Ellen, Mt. Abraham, Mt. Wilson and Breadloaf Mountain.

To the north, the Jay Peaks and Belvedere Mountain.

Elmore Mountain, the northern outpost of the Worcester Range.

Carol looks up at the higher peaks of the Worcester Range.

Heading down through classic Vermont sugar maple forest. Stowe Pinnacle is a terrific half-day hike with a big payoff at the top. Highly recommended!

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