Tuesday, June 9, 2015


We had fine weather for the joint National Trails Day trip with the Four Thousand Footer Committee and Saco Ranger District. A crew of four led by Cristin Bailey of Saco and including Keith D'Alessandro of the 4K Committee did a relocation around a muddy section of Oliverian Brook Trail. Our crew of three - Gary Tompkins of the 4K Committee, Alex from the Saco RD Trail crew and myself - cleaned waterbars, removed blowdowns, and brushed hobblebush on the Passaconaway Cutoff. It was a great crew and a great day.

This was a multiple blowdown on Passaconaway Cutoff.

Alex displays his axemanship. Last year he was on the crew on the Dry River Trail that made several relocations around Irene-damaged areas and cleared hundreds of blowdowns from the upper valley.

Blowdowns cleared.

Lunch break on the west branch of Oliverian Brook.

Checking out some cascades just below.

Cascade and pool.

This was the first chance I had to use my new Silky handsaw. Highly recommended!

Alex loaded up with three hoes and three helmets for the trip down from the Passaconaway Cutoff/Square Ledge Trail junction. He took off at a sprint and was quickly out of sight!

With the waterbars done, Gary and I continued up to the slide above the Square Ledge Trail on the flank of Nanamocomuck Peak for a great view to the north.

Mt. Washington beyond Hedgehog Mountain and Owl Cliff/Mt. Tremont.


A spur of Mount Passaconaway looms above Gary on the slide.

Sled runner at a century-old logging camp site along the Square Ledge Trail.

Nice birches on this section.

Heading down on Passaconaway Cutoff, we took a break from brushing to admire the axework of Alex on this large spruce blowdown.

Gary counted 72 rings on this trunk.

Heading back out through the hardwoods. Thanks to all for a job well done!

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