Friday, October 1, 2010


A short morning foliage hike up the Mt. Tecumseh Trail to the viewpoint on the ski slope at 1.2 miles.

The first part of the Tecumseh trail is a pleasant climb alongside Tecumseh Brook.

After crossing the brook, the trail ascends through nice hardwood forest, passing this big old yellow birch.

Red maple leaves speckling the trail.

At the second crossing of Tecumseh Brook I bushwhacked downstream to the base of this sliding cascade.

From the Tecumseh trail, a short spur leads out to a nice sitting rock on the ski slope.

The view from here is a sizable reward for a 1.2 mile, 800-ft. climb. The colors were really popping.

Looking towards Mt. Kancamagus.

Farther out on the ski slope you can look back at the Osceolas.

Heavy rain the night before had created a cascade on a slab in the ravine of a branch of Osceola Brook, seen at the lower R.

Scaur Peak and the Tripyramids across the broad Waterville Valley.

From higher up on the slope, a peek at some wild Sandwich Range country: East Sleeper, Mt. Whiteface (main and south summits), the West Spur of Whiteface, and the pointy little peak of Snows Mountain.

On this warm autumn morning, it was comfortable laying back in the tall grass.

I descended along the ski trail, a soft green carpet sweeping out to the Tripyramids.

Looking back up at the peak of Mt. Tecumseh.

Satellites of Tripyramid: Flume Peak (L) and Scaur Peak (R).

Lower down I found this attractive little cascade on Tecumseh Brook, not too far from the ski trail.
During this hike, I thought often of Beth Upton, the 85-year old woman who has been missing since she went out for a walk from her Waterville home on September 7th. Our thoughts are with the Upton family and her many friends in the Waterville community.


  1. Thanks for the foliage fix, Steve. The leaves are lovely!

  2. Hi Sue,

    You're welcome! Pretty good colors here this year. What kind of foliage color do you get in CA?