Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A few photos from a day of trail work on the west loop of the UNH Trail over 2532-ft. Hedgehog Mountain on the N side of the Sandwich Range. It was a beautiful October day with still some fine foliage colors to be seen. A big thank you goes to stalwart trail helpers Dave Stinson and Rick Neville.

For a full description of Hedgehog Mountain, click here.

About halfway up the mountain from the trailhead off the Kancamagus Highway, a side trail leads to Allen's Ledge. At the lower end of this ledge there's a great perch with a wide view over the Albany Intervale - a fine objective for a short hike. Here Rick takes a break from waterbar cleaning and enjoys the colorful view.

Looking across to Mt. Chocorua beyond the northern spur of Mt. Paugus.

The Moats seen across the Albany Intervale.

Bear Mountain beyond the bog and old gravel pit along White Brook.

Looking N to the Nancy Range, Mt. Tremont and Owls Cliff.

Dave sheathes the bowsaw after cutting up a blowdown.

A view of West Sleeper and South/Middle Tripyramid from an outlook a quarter mile below the top. Downes Brook valley in the foreground.

In this view from the summit of Hedgehog, Mt. Chocorua and the Three Sisters rise above Hedgehog's East Ledges.

By descending carefully to a lower perch, one can obtain a sweeping view over the Oliverian Brook valley to the Paugus Pass area.

Foliage is highlighted beneath Wonalancet Hedgehog, Nanamocomuck Peak and the steep slope of Mt. Passaconaway.

From a western outlook, Mt. Huntington (L) and the long ridge of Hancock (R). Mt. Lafayette peeks over the crest of Huntington.

A parting late afternoon view from the summit.

From ledges along the trail on the N side of the summit, Mt. Washington is seen far beyond Mt. Tremont.

Mt. Carrigain, Vose Spur, Mt. Lowell and Mt. Anderson form a distinctive skyline behind Green's Cliff. Church Pond nestles on the flats below. Among the small mountains of the Whites, Hedgehog stands out for its stellar views from several different angles.

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