Thursday, August 18, 2022

Morning at Downes Brook Slide

Scenes from a peaceful morning trek to a favorite place in the Sandwich Range Wilderness. During 4.6 miles of walking (round trip) on the Downes Brook Trail no other hikers were encountered.

Following brookbed ledges (carefully) up to the slide.

Ledge steps at the base of the open slide.

Meadowsweet thrives in a bedrock crevice.

Lance-leaved goldenrod brightens another crevice.

Broad low-angle slabs of Conway Granite on the lower part of the slide.

Side view. The slope here is only 20-22 degrees, and the rock is grippy when dry. If the ledges become wet, however, they can be very slippery.

Potash Mountain dominates the view from the lower slabs.

The unofficially named "South Potash" is seen to the left.

A golden pool at the base of a cascade that was reduced to a dribble by a long dry spell.

This iron ring, securely bolted to the bedrock, is a relic of the Conway Lumber Company logging days in the early 1900s.

Perhaps the ring was used to lower logs down this bedrock ramp by cable.

Continuing up the slide over fine exposures of granite.

Mossy steps.

The craggy north spur of Mt. Passaconaway looms high above.

Time for a break before heading back down the trail and on to Lincoln to open the store in the afternoon.


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