Thursday, February 25, 2021

Cannon Mountain: 2/24/21

On a day projected to hit 40 degrees in the valleys, higher elevation and a trail out of the sun promised the best snow conditions. That proved to be the case on the Kinsman Ridge Trail to Cannon Mountain, a relatively short but relentless climb.

Those are mountain miles.

The trail starts out climbing steadily and never lets up until you reach the East Peak. The first section winds up through the hardwoods.

Buttsledders beware.

The infamous gullied section, eroded beyond repair.

At 2800 ft. the trail reaches the Kinsman Glade ski trail, which it crosses four times.

The all-too-familiar barebooter blues. The trail was very soft and snowshoes were the way to go.

One blogger maintains that Kinsman Glade is the steepest ski trail in New Hampshire, with a 35-degree pitch. Experts only, for sure.

There are several northerly views as the trail weaves back and forth across the glade. Bald Mountain and Artist's Bluff are in the middle.

Relentless is an apt description for this trail, ascending 1850 ft. in 1.5 miles.

These two guys were snowshoeing up to take a run down the regular ski trails. Definitely earning their turns.

View near the top of Kinsman Glade.

Almost looks like Western ski terrain.

First view of Lafayette.

Off the ski trail and into a winter wonderland section.

A snowboarder snowshoeing up.

Beauty around every curve.


Classic Franconia Ridge view from the East Peak ledges.

These two skiers headed down a backcountry ski route through the scrub above the cliffs.

Looking south down the notch.


Mt. Liberty.

Heading towards the summit from East Peak.

This is a neat section of alpine type hiking. The route of the trail can be hard to discern in the snow-packed scrub if there are no tracks to follow.

Looking back across East Peak.

I followed the wrong set of tracks near the top and ended up approaching the summit via the path from the top of the Tramway.

Clouds were rolling in, but the views from the observation tower were still outstanding. My favorite vista here is the wild look to the Kinsmans beyond Northeast Cannon Ball.

Many ledges on North Kinsman.

Snow-capped Moosilauke peeks over South Kinsman.

Peering down into the Coppermine Brook valley.

Adams and Jefferson in the distance.

Looking down Cannon's bulky south ridge.

Good angle on the NW slides of Scar Ridge, with Sandwich Dome and Mt. Tecumseh beyond.


There's no better place to survey the slide-scarred ravines on Franconia Ridge, such as the south branch of Walker Brook under Mt. Lincoln.


Dry Brook ravine between Lincoln and Little Haystack.

The head of Lafayette Brook ravine under North Lafayette.

Heading back along the Rim Trail amidst monochrome scenery.

Looking down through Cannon's South Bowl, sometimes descended by local skiers. Cannon is a winter playground!

Fifty cents for a view.

Snow flurries moving in.

Impressive snowpack at 3800 ft.


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