Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fall Trail Work


 Time for fall maintenance on this trail in the Sandwich Range Wilderness, the adopted trail of the AMC Four Thousand Footer Committee and part of the northern route to Mt. Passaconaway. Many thanks to Mark Klim for helping out.

 Entering the Wilderness on the Oliverian Brook Trail.

Mark Klim works on one of the 6 blowdowns we removed from the lower half of the trail.


This wedged blowdown we leave for the pros.

A fine late October day in the hardwoods.

If time permits, after the work is done at the top of the trail I like to hike 0.3 mile SW on Square Ledge Trail to the slide on the side of Nanamocomuck Peak, passing this sled runner from an early 1900s Swift River Logging Railroad camp.

A short scramble up the slide rewards with a good view, but caution is needed on the loose gravel atop crumbling "rottenstone" ledge.
 View north from the slide.

 Hedgehog Mountain, Mt. Tremont and Mt. Washington.

Late day sun illuminates Hedgehog's East Ledges.

Looking up the slide, which fell during the 1938 hurricane.

One of the 50+ drainages cleaned on the trail.

UNH TRAIL: 10/27/20

 Fall trail maintenance on the west section of UNH Trail, with view rewards at the top. Thanks again to Mark Klim for helping out!

Mark starts working on a messy blowdown leaning over the trail.


Waterbar cleaning is the primary focus. This one was built to last years ago by the Saco Ranger District trail crew.

Spiky blowdown that fell across the trail and a waterbar.


Summit view to Mts. Chocorua and Paugus.

Mt. Passaconaway and its eastern spurs.

The 1938 slide on Nanamocomuck Peak, which the Square Ledge Trail passes under.

Stick season is upon us, but there is an occasional spot of aspen yellow.

Wide-screen vista of the Oliverian Brook valley.

Western view.


We call this waterbar "the double."

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  1. Nice pics Steve. Thanks for the trail work. I like the northern approach.