Friday, October 11, 2019

Foliage Fest at Black Mountain Pond: 10/10/19

This was a re-run of a trip I did in June on the SW side of Sandwich Dome, but the vivid foliage made it well worthwhile.

My custom route to Black Mountain Pond started on Sandwich Notch Road and was a combination of old woods roads, obscure-at-times herd paths, and bushwhacking.

Old stone walls abound in Sandwich Notch.

The historic Old North Road, dating back to the Sandwich Notch hill farm community of the early to mid 1800s.

Meadow on Algonquin Brook.

A sled runner peeks out at the site of an old logging camp.

In the hobblebush.

Old beaver pond beside the Black Mountain Pond Trail.

Important information.

Black Mountain Pond, with near-peak foliage.

New signage at a key turn on a knoll above the pond.

Black Mountain (3500 ft.), the rugged SW shoulder of Sandwich Dome, looms across the pond.

Approaching a great sitting ledge.


Rock-hopping along the shore.

A mini-beach at the NE side of the pond.

Moose track in the sand.

The hardwood forest was glowing.

Green and gold.

Twin maples.

This hardwood glade was one of the reasons for a repeat visit.

Approaching a series of open-to-the-sky birch glades.

Part glade, part rock garden.

Rock portrait.

First view looking back.

Colors near and far.

Low hill brushed with orange.

Rocky portal.

Skies were overcast, but visibility was excellent, with Mt. Monadnock easily seen, 78 miles away.

A bear had recently left a calling card on the approach to the upper glade.

Into the amazingly open glade.


 One of several moose beds seen here.

Heading for the top.

A wide-spreading beech.

Glade with a view, here looking at Mt. Israel and Dinsmore Mountain.

Peering out at the eastern Sandwich Notch.

The Squam Range and Mt. Propsect, with Kearsarge, Ragged and Sunapee on the horizon.

Even better views from a nearby ledge overlooking Black Mountain Pond.

Bird's eye view.

A remote beaver pond complex with the Ossipee Range and Mt. Israel beyond.

Two-pond view, with the scoop of the upper Beebe River valley between.

I wandered northward across the slope to another glade, with a glimpse of the massive SE shoulder of Sandwich Dome.

A look up at Sandwich Dome's darkly-wooded summit.

A well-worn moose path.

It certainly feels like wilderness in this spacious untrailed area on the south side of Sandwich Dome.

Back to the main glades, with a peek of late afternoon sun.

Sunlit slope.

 Golden glow.

A big yellow birch dominates this opening.

Full view of this giant.

Can't really call this bushwhacking.

A mini-meadow amidst the forest.

Pond reflections.

Parting shot.


  1. Beautiful mountain autumn. I never have enough of this. Greetings from over the ocean!