Monday, September 23, 2019

Adirondacks: Lower Dix Range Bushwhack, 9/20/19

On the last day, before driving back to New Hampshire, I headed down Rt. 73 to the delightful herd path along the North Fork of the Boquet River, on the lower northeastern edge of the Dix Range. This path is now popular enough that it has a DEC trailhead register.

An easy crossing of the North Fork at low water.

The herd path is a pleasant birch-lined dirt footway in its lower section.

Partway into the bushwhack I came upon a massive cliff hidden in the forest.

I considered going up this steep little gully, but decided it looked too sketchy.

The rock wall extended some distance to the left.

I skirted around its far end and continued up the slope...


Above here the grade moderated and I enjoyed pleasant whacking through an open forest of birch, hardwood and ferns. This whole area was burned in a great 1903 forest fire.

My objective was one of the many ledgy fire-scarred knobs near the North Fork of the Boquet. This balcony offers a grandstand view of the Dix Range.

 Spotted Mountain, Grace Peak (formerly East Dix), South Dix, Pough and Hough Peak rim the upper valley of the Boquet's South Fork. The herd path along the river leads 4 1/2 miles up this valley to the Great Slide on Grace Peak.

 The summit of Nippletop just peeks over a col in that ridge.

A placid stretch of the North Fork could be seen in the valley below.

A closer look at Dix Mountain (4857 ft.), 6th highest of the ADK 46.

The Beckhorn Slide, named after the sub-peak above the left fork of the slide..

The long northeastern ridge of Dix looks like an interesting bushwhack route. Dial Mountain peers over in back on the right.

Distant view to the south.

Noonmark Mountain's distinctive cone rises to the northwest beyond a nearer nameless peak.

Lots of dry bedrock bared by the 1903 fire.

 Early fall colors below.

I sat here for a long time gazing into this vast mountain amphitheatre. A captivating view.

I skirted the big rock wall again on the way down.

Spotted Mountain presides over a peaceful scene on the North Fork.

Grace Peak peers over on the right.

Just downstream a side path off the North Fork herd path leads down to a remarkable area of ledges, cascades and pools on the river.

Sculpted ledges.

A popular swimming hole, one of many treasures in the Dix Range.

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