Wednesday, June 5, 2019

East Ponds Loop: 6/3/19

A gorgeous cool, sunny, breezy, bug-free morning for one of our favorite half-day loops, five very pleasant miles visiting Little East Pond and East Pond on the south side of Scar Ridge.

Strolling on the old railroad grade section of Little East Pond Trail.

Pipes from an unusual gravity-fed water system at the Clear Brook camp of the early 1900s Woodstock & Thornton Gore Railroad.

At least one piece of rail was not salvaged.

Little East Pond, wild and secluded in the shadow of Scar Ridge.

Pleasant walking on the East Pond Loop between Little East Pond and East Pond. For many years each pond had its own trail; in the 1980s the WMNF opened the trail between the two, creating the loop.

Shared the trail with a fellow traveler.

Moose poop galore.


Into the great wide open at East Pond.

Remains of the dam structure used in the Tripoli Mill operation (early 1900s). Diatomaceous earth (aka tripoli) was dredged from the pond bottom and hauled down to the mill beside the railroad for processing.

Descending along the East Pond Trail to complete the loop, there was ample evidence that the volunteer trail adopter had been hard at work.

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