Thursday, May 23, 2019

Thornton Gore: 5/19/19

A morning ramble in the area of the 19th century Thornton Gore hill farm community. This is an interesting historical district off Tripoli Road; all artifacts are protected by law and should not be removed.

Foundation/cellar hole of a homestead off the old Thornton Gore Road.

This is known as the Marden Flats Orchard. It will soon be cleared out and maintained as a permanent wildlife opening by the WMNF.

Indian Poke beside Talford Brook.


Remains of mill beside the brook.

Cascade near the mill site.

The works of man and nature.

Confluence of Talford Brook (R) and Eastman Brook (L).

This appeared to be a stone abutment along the edge of a road.

This sluice-like structure beside Eastman Brook may have served a former mill at the site.

Washout on Eastman Brook, possibly from Tropical Storm Irene.

Painted Trillium.

Classic New England stone wall.

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