Friday, May 24, 2019

Hedgehog Mountain: 5/22/19

Spring trail maintenance trip on my adopted western half of the UNH Trail.

My friend Dave Stinson has been helping me with this and other trails for many years. Here he trims stubs prior to removal of a blowdown below Allen's Ledge.

Blowdowns higher up on the trail.

Taking a break after removing these. Dave, a crosscut saw and axe aficionado, is still out there doing it at age 79. A couple days earlier he removed more than a dozen blowdowns from the first 0.8 mile of East Pond Trail off the Kanc. Thanks, Dave!

Mt. Washington behind Mt. Tremont from the north-facing ledges near the summit. Still some big snowfields in Oakes Gulf.

Mt. Carrigain and Carrigain Notch behind Green's Cliff.

Western view.

Not much spring green yet looking towards Tripyramid.

An ephemeral cascade could be seen in the ravine at the base of South Tripyramid.

I bushwhacked in there a few years ago in late May and I think this is the spot, with less flow.

Looking out over the Oliverian Brook valley.

The classic Hedgehog view of a dominant Mt. Passaconaway and its eastern spurs.

Mt. Chocorua and the Three Sisters.

Coming back down through the microburst area blasted by the October 2017 storm.

Albany Intervale from Allen's Ledge.

Peeking at Mt. Paugus.

The fine hemlock hogback above the loop junction.

Trying to keep these old waterbars cleared.

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