Thursday, May 2, 2019

Campton Range Ramble: 5/1/19

An annual rite of early spring in recent years has been an off-trail meander in the Campton Range on the southern edge of the WMNF. Open, snow-free hardwoods were the rule on this chilly gray day. Very few birds so far, and the only flowers were a few tiny yellow violets.

Nice piece of birch bark on the forest floor.

Rock face hidden in the forest.


Trillium leaves emerging.

Ledgy portal at the head of a small valley.

Hardwoods rule.

Lots of blowdown on a sprucey knob.

Visited a favorite view ledge looking across the Chickenboro Brook valley to Mt. Weetamoo.

Looking west to Stinson and Carr Mountains.

There are many cozy hardwood drainages in the Campton Range.

Nice chunk of quartz embedded in the forest floor.

A cluster of black cherry trees on the ridgecrest. These are uncommon in the White Mountains.

Pileated Woodpecker feast.

Every time I go up here I marvel at this ridgetop erratic.

Great ridgecrest whacking.

Bruin on beech.

Neat meadowy area.

Window view of Sachem and Jennings Peaks.

Writhing beeches.

A tiny viewpoint overlooks the Sandwich Notch area, with Upper Hall Pond below, still partly frozen.

Mt. Israel (L) and Dinsmore Mountain (R). Had some sleet showers here - happy May!


A large black cherry next to another erratic.

Oak threesome.


This spot is like being in the Catskills.

Tree growth takes many forms.

A beautiful open glade in a col.

A magnificent yellow birch.

Base of the yellow birch.

Steep descent off the ridge.

Glad I wasn't going up this way.

Hardwood heaven on the lower slopes.

Tributary of Chickenboro Brook, flowing off the slopes.

Small cascade.

Brookside ledge.

Cascade on another tributary.

Boulder caves.

Beaver pond on the floor of the valley.

Hard at work.

Down for the count.

Rain-obscured vista across the beaver pond to Mt. Weetamoo

Ascending along the inlet brook.

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