Saturday, April 27, 2019

Catskills: Blackheads South Side Bushwhack, 4/22/19

Spent a few hours on the first day of our spring Catskill trip exploring off-trail on the south side of the Blackhead Range.

Blackheads from fields above Colgate Lake, taken the evening before.

The area of interest - the valley between Black Dome and Blackhead

Beautiful open hemlocks on a shelf above the nameless brook that flows down through the valley.

Looking down at the brook.

 An old logging road runs partway up the valley. In the indispensable "The Catskill Forest: A History," Dr. Michael Kudish notes that log roads extended up to 3090 ft. on the south slopes of Blackhead Mountain.

Where the two forks of the brook meet at 2600 ft.

Streamside hemlocks.

 Looking up the Blackhead fork of the brook.

An artifact seen beside the brook.

I headed up the Black Dome fork of the brook towards a large washout presumably carved out by Tropical Storm Irene and visible on Google Earth.

An impressive scene of destruction.

Side view.

From the top of the washout, a bird's eye view of the brook.

The south ridge of Blackhead could be seen to the east.

From the washout I angled up the slope to the south ridge of Black Dome.

 Big burl.

Ent tree.

I crested the ridge at 3100 ft., below this fine-looking ledge band. With more time available, an ascent up this ridge to the summit of Black Dome would have been in order. On the list for a future trek.

Neat overhang.

One of many interesting rock formations.

Heading down the ridge, with the Devil's Path seen through the trees.

Looking down from the top of a cliff band.

This ramp was the ticket to get down through the ledges.

Crocodile rock.

Tank-like formations.

Spring beauties!

 Spring was springing on the lower slopes.

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