Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Hedgehog Mountain: 3/25/19

Back to an old favorite for its terrific views and to see it in its current deep snow format. Took out a couple of blowdowns on my adopted section of the UNH Trail.

Big snowpack even at 1300 ft

Never seen this sign up to its neck in snow.

Steep section of UNH Trail.

Low blaze.

Champion posthole among many.

Snowshoe track torn up by warm weather booters and now frozen. A sad trend.

Sleepers and Tripyramids beyond the Downes Brook valley.

Mt. Passaconaway dominates the landscape.

Mt. Washington behind Mt. Tremont. Crisp views on a chilly, breezy late March day.

The Hancock Range.

Mt. Carrigain behind Green's Cliff.

Mt. Bond, Mt. Guyot and South Twin behind the cliffs of The Captain.

The broad Oliverian Brook valley.

My favorite ledge on Hedgehog.

The sun illluminates the north outlook on Mt. Passaconaway. The upper fork of Downes Brook Slide is below. Visited both of those the previous week.

An interesting subalpine patch on a shoulder of Passaconaway.

 Osceolas behind Scaur Peak.

South & Middle Tripyramid. Having fun with a new camera with a better zoom.

Head-on view of Passaconaway with Nanamocomuck Peak (marked by a slide) on the left.

Mt. Chocorua and the Three Sisters.

This spruce blowdown had been bugging me since it came down in the October 2017 storm. With the deep snowpack it was now at cutting level.


Took 45 minutes to clear this one.

Late afternoon light on a little hemlock hogback.

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