Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Beaver Brook Trail: 2/26/19

A wild and woolly late afternoon in lonely Kinsman Notch. The wind was howlin' and the snow was driftin'.

Nice new sign.

No trace of the trail.

This indent is a brook in summer.

South Kinsman peeks over beyond Beaver Pond.

An interesting crossing on snowshoes.

A new railing put in by the Dartmouth Outing Club at a bad washout. Not much help on a steep sidehill with several feet of snow!

Stomped out a shelf to get across that spot.

Cliffs rising above the Beaver Brook ravine.

Where's the brook?

The first of the famed but presently slumbering Beaver Brook Cascades.

Quite a snowload on this fallen tree.

Breaking trail up through drifted powder.

Looking down one of the cascades.

This is the trickiest spot on the trail, summer or winter. After one deep step, decided it was a no-go.

Tried the bypass to the left, but too steep and crusty at the top where it's been skied or slid.

Fashioned an alternative route across the base of this cascade, then up steeply along its edge in the trees.

Cornices and the Dilly Cliffs, at the top of another cascade.

Scar Ridge (L) and Mt. Osceola (R). The Monkey Cliffs are under the Scar.

Bushwhacked through open hardwoods on the way down, passing this tree with character.

A cold dusk at Beaver Pond.

Looking up at the Beaver Brook drainage.

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