Saturday, December 1, 2018

Dickey Mountain Snowshoe: 11/30/18

With fresh, untrampled snow this is one of the best snowshoe treks in the Whites.

Deep blue skies and snow-lined hardwoods in the morning.

Cut piece from a huge oak blowdown.

Up the icicle corridor.

Entry to the ledges and a whole new world above.

A different kind of snowshoe.

Clouds moving in on Sandwich Dome, presaging a gray afternoon.

Snow-caked Dickey and Welch in sight ahead.

Dickey with its snowfields.

Ledgy peak of Welch.

Looking back down the top of Dickey Cliff.

Winter playground.


Lerdgy corridor.

This much snow at 2400 ft.

Side view of Welch.


A tiny splash of color from a WVAIA arrow.

Hallmark scene.

Two snowshoers had been up the trail in previous days, but on the ledges their tracks were blown in and the breaking was heavy.

Vast snow slope.

Looking back.



Northwest view, the higher peaks socked in. Was glad I chose Dickey over Tecumseh today.


I bushwhacked down through scrub and knee-deep snow for a view into the remote Shattuck Brook valley, with Fisher and Hogback Mountains beyond.

Frost feathers.


Into a tunnel.

Welch from the summit of Dickey, Sandwich Notch beyond.

The broad summit of Dickey, looking north towards Tecumseh.

What happens when you wear Microspikes in 14-18" of powder.

Back down on Dickey Cliff, looking out towards the Campton Range.

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