Monday, April 30, 2018


On a rainy day, Carol and I drove down to Peekamoose Road for some geocaching and waterfall viewing. This road is a narrow, winding route through a gorge carved out by Rondout Creek on the southern edge of the Catskills. There are a number of waterfalls spilling down the steep walls on either side of the road.

The best-known cascade is Buttermilk Falls, accessed by a short path.

A closer look at the main part of the falls.

This trailhead is the starting point for the climb to 3843-ft. Peekamoose Mountain.

One of the trickier caches was located 100 yards or so up picturesque Bear Hole Brook.

This wild stream drains a deep valley enclosed by Peekamoose, Table and Van Wyck Mountains.

Carol logs a neat cache hidden in a natural rock fort.

Sandstone ledges and mountain laurel.

An extremely popular swimming spot known as Blue Hole.

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