Monday, January 6, 2014


Part II of a collection of images from an excellent hiking year.

Zealand and Carrigain Notches from ledge off Lend-a-Hand Trail, south ridge of Mt. Hale.

Rainy day at Ethan Pond.

Bird's-eye view of Garfield Pond from ledge off Garfield Ridge Trail.


Looking south from Mt. Garfield on a classic summer day.

Zeacliff Pond from cliffs off Twinway.

Zeacliff Pond and Mt. Carrigain.

Cascade on Garfield Stream.

North and South Twin from slide on Flat Top Mountain.

1954 Slide in Gale River valley.

Skookumchuck Brook.

Late afternoon view into Pemi Wilderness from Mt. Lincoln.

Top of Tripyramid North Slide.

Bondcliff and its south spur from the East Branch.

Cedar Brook valley and Hitchcock peaks from cliffs above Cedar Brook Trail.

Lower Franconia Range from cliffs above Cedar Brook Trail.

Carol enjoying the view at Thoreau Falls.

Shoal Pond and Mt. Carrigain.

Drew and Kate Smith on Mt. Roberts Trail in the Ossipees.

Ethan Pond and Eastern Pemi from talus on west side of Mt. Willey.

Big Irene slide in Tunnel Ravine from fir wave on Benton Trail ridge.

On the north ridge of Mt. Moosilauke.

Coppermine Col from Mittersill Peak.

My brother Drew on the East Osceola slide.

Smith brothers atop East Osceola on Flags on the 48 day.

Southern Presidentials from Crawford Path coming down off Mt. Washington.

Profile and Echo Lakes from slide on flank of Mt. Lafayette.

John "1HappyHiker" Compton admiring the biggest of the "Nine Cascades" in Little Tunnel Ravine on Mt. Moosilauke.

Full view of the Little Tunnel waterfall, more than 100 ft. high.

Jobildunk Ravine from ledge below Beaver Brook Trail.

Bondcliff and its south spur from the East Branch.

Tunnel Brook Notch from south end of Mud Pond.

View of Mud Pond and Mt. Clough from slide in Slide Brook Ravine, Mt. Moosilauke.

One of several cascades on Slide Brook.

Stark Falls in Kinsman Notch.

Harry Cunningham on Signal Ridge, Mt. Carrigain.

Waterfall in Tunnel Ravine, Mt. Moosilauke.

Slide-scoured brookbed in Tunnel Ravine, looking NW.

The big Irene (2011) slide in Tunnel Ravine.

Looking south down Long Pond.

Gary Tompkins, Roger Doucette and Candace Morrison enjoying the view from Bunnell Rock, Mt. Cabot, during the 2013 White Mountain Cropwalk.

South Pawtuckaway Mountain from marsh along Woronoco Trail.

Bridesmaid (Noble) Falls near Mittersill.

Merrill Brook beaver pond and Chokecherry Hill, near Breezy Point.

John "1HappyHiker" Compton meanders down through open hardwoods on south slope of Chokecherry Hill.

My brother Drew takes in the Presidential vista from Mt. Waumbek.

Lake Winnipesaukee from Ridge Trail on Gunstock Mountain, Belknap Range.

Sunset from Mt. Major, Belknap Range.

Ledges and unusual pitch pine forest on Moose Mountains in Brookfield, NH.

Pair of moose along Black Mountain Trail, Benton Range.

Old spring used by fire warden on Black Mountain, stumbled upon while bushwhacking to Howe Hill.

Mt. Moosilauke from beaver swamp on Bowen Brook.

Thanksgiving Day hike on Dickey Mountain.

South Cliff on North Pack Monadnock; Mt. Monadnock in hazy distance.

Mt. Moosilauke from Blueberry Mountain, Benton Range.

Bobcat tracks on Blueberry Mountain Trail.

Mt. Lincoln from Lonesome Lake Trail.

Untracked snow on The Scaur, Waterville Valley.

Christmas Eve view from Little Round Top, Bristol, NH.

Nauset Marsh from Fort Hill Trail, Cape Cod National Seashore.

Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod National Seashore.

Hawksnest Pond, Hawksnest State Park in Harwich, MA.

Wishing everyone a great year on the trails in 2014!


  1. Perhaps the modern-day expression of "OMG" is the best response to this posting (plus your previous posting of Jan-Jun 2013 photos). What a year you've had, as is clearly evidenced by such an outstanding group of photos!

    I admire the time you took to assemble these two postings. However, I'm certain it was a fun project, and surely a labor of love.

    Thank you for sharing this collection with the hiking community!


    1. Thanks for your kind comments, John! It did take quite a while to assemble all of these, but it was a lot of fun. This was the most interesting hiking year I've enjoyed in a while.


  2. All I can say is Wow! What an amazing group of images with what must have been an incredible accompanying series of adventures! Thank you for sharing these with all of us!

    1. Thanks, Chris! Your explorations have inspired me. Keep seeking out those hidden waterfalls!


  3. WOW! Outstanding collections of pictures. Thanks for putting this together and sharing. The picture of Stark Falls with the fallen foliage on the rocks is incredible.


    1. Thank you, Chris! I've enjoyed following your adventures through your many great photos. Looking forward to more ADK reports.


  4. I really enjoyed your reports and pictures from your 2013 travels, Steve. There were so many great pictures that I'm sure it was difficult to pick your favorites. Looking forward to reading more great trip reports in 2014.

    1. Thanks, BC - hope you have a great year in 2014!


  5. Steve-O ! the blues & the greens in the photo's are amazing. I loved the rainy photo of Ethan Pond ~ magical.
    I too thought about the amount of time that it might have taken to put this post together, but what a great way to spend one's time ;o) Hike on ~ Cath

    1. Thanks, Cath - and thanks for some great hikes last winter!


  6. Great photos Steve! I love the off-the-beaten path trips that you (and John Compton for that matter!) post about. Here's my year in photos if you are interested:

    Have a good 2014!

    1. Thanks, Kevin - I look forward to perusing your photos! Happy trails for 2014!