Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Carol and I climbed one of our local favorites on a cold and windy St. Patty's Day morning. The trail was solidly packed and a bit choppy, so it was a Microspike day today. Most of the trail ascends through a fine northern hardwood forest.

Looking across the slope through the trees.

The views were pretty fuzzy upon our arrival at the summit, but things cleared out after a while, including this view of the long, sloping profile of Mt. Wolf.

Around the corner, Carol checks out the partially obstructed view of Mts. Liberty and Flume. Thirty years ago this ledge had an open vista of the entire Franconia Range.

Snow-covered spruces fringing the ledges.

Back at the main clifftop, a zoom on the remote swamp known as Bog Eddy.

Vista south down the Pemigewasset valley, with I-93 winding off into the distance.

Looking SE to Scar Ridge and Osceola.

 I especially like the view of the wild, trailless southeastern ridges of South Kinsman.

Thanks to some nice breaks of warming sun, we were able to spend 50 minutes enjoying the summit before heading down.

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