Friday, March 26, 2021



There comes a time every spring when crumbling, postholed monorails on-trail and mushy snow off-trail have me looking for bare ground. More often than not I first find it on the hardwood-clad south slopes of Acteon Ridge in the Smarts Brook drainage.  After an approach on icy trails (traction required), I did not step on a single stitch of snow in 1 1/2 miles of bushwhacking.


This wrap-around ledge is a familiar landmark.

The small streams are running.


Heading for the sky.

One of many interesting chunks of stone.


Granite face.

At the top.

Ledgy terrain.

Gnarled oaks.

Lonely snow patch.

Outline of Sandwich Dome and the two Black Mountains.

Big ledge. Stepping carefully to avoid trampling lichens.

Campton Range to the south. Time for a snooze in the warm spring sun.

Champion oak.

Mushroom madness. Hooray for spring!


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