Friday, December 11, 2020

The Scaur: 12/10/20

In the short days of December, a 1:30 pm start limits your options, so I chose a longtime favorite, the 4-mile round trip via the Livermore Trail and Kettles Path to The Scaur, a ledgy nubble with a wide view over the Waterville Valley backcountry.

Snowy scenery abounded on the Kettles Path, a pleasant meandering footway dating back to 1890.

Peering down into the deepest of the three "Kettles," rounded depressions in the landscape created when chunks of ice were stranded amidst outwash deposits in the wake of the retreating glacier. When the ice chunks melted, these hollows remained.

Wintry and wondrous.


Reaching for that bluebird sky.

Ice and sun.

The climb up the back side of The Scaur is short but steep. Spikes went on for this.

Though there was a cold wind in the dark woods on the north side, the south-facing ledges of The Scaur were sunny, wind-free and comfortable.


Peering down to the hardwood forest below, with the Lost Pass area, Snows Mountain and Sandwich Mountain in the distance. 


 After the sun dropped behind a cloud, the view opened up towards Mt. Tecumseh.

From a spot on the west side, East Osceola and the Painted Cliff.

Looking out to Thornton Gap, with West Tecumseh on the left and Mt. Osceola and its various southern ridges to the right.

The top of the big southwest slide just peeks over.

Southward view to Sandwich Mountain with sunset drawing on.

I bushwhacked down through the snowy hardwoods to create a loop, pausing to admire this favorite towering maple at the base of The Scaur's cliffs.

Heading down through the hardwoods.


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