Friday, May 1, 2020

Kinsman Notch Bushwhack

A sunny day for visiting cascades and cliffs in the quiet notch.

The crossing of Lost River can be a challenge at the start of this bushwhack. Over the years I've found the best spots to cross.

Many acres of hardwoods in this area.

Unusual beech.

The first of many cascades on a nameless stream.

Brook whacking can be rewarding in spring when water levels are high. This would be a dribble in summer.

More cascades.

Each one a little different.

Golden pool.

Beautiful hardwood ravine.

Favorite of the day, hadn't been this far up on the brook before.

Old sled road from the Gordon Pond Railroad logging days a century ago. This valley and ridge are now protected as part of the Mt. Wolf-Gordon Pond Roadless Area.

Looking down on the cascade.

Waterslide with overhang.

 Sunlit sluice.

Rock art.

Heading for the cliffs.

A steep sled road carved into the slope.

Snow patches.

View into Kinsman Notch, backed by Mts. Waternomee, Jim, Moosilauke and Blue.

Snowy crest of Moosilauke.

Wide view to the east.

Tripyramids, Sleepers and Mt. Whiteface through Thornton Gap (Tripoli Road).

Sandwich Dome and Black Mountain behind Hogback/Fisher/Dickey.

Mt. Tecumseh.

More cliffs up the line.


South to Mt. Cushman and Green Mountain beyond the Elbow Pond area.

Mushy spring snow.

Looking down over what climbers call the Monkey Cliffs.

More views.

Hancocks in the distance.

Riverwalk Hotel in Lincoln and Loon's South Peak slopes are seen on the right.

Back in 1991 I straddled this jutting ledge and obtained a unique perspective on the area. Not this day.

 Vast vista from the highest clifftop.

 Mt. Osceola with the old slides in Breadtray Basin outlined in white.

 Side view of the Monkey Cliffs.

Pileated Woodpecker at work.

One more cascade on the return trip.

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