Sunday, August 4, 2019

Hedgehog East Ledges: 8/2/19

A gorgeous summer day for an afternoon climb to the expansive East Ledges of Hedgehog Mountain with my nephew Mike and his fiancee Joy.

Heading up through the spruce forest on the east loop of the UNH Trail.

A multi-limbed spruce had fallen across the trail at the base of the ledges. Mike and I cut it out with my Silky saw, then he used one of the cut limbs to sweep the carpet of slippery spruce needles off the steep ledge.

Heading up the ledges after clearing the trail.

Mike and Joy, a happy couple!

Mt. Passaconaway and its eastern spurs.

A rogue tree on the flank of Passaconaway had already turned yellow.

Looking up the Oliverian Brook valley to Paugus Pass.

The East Ledges are home to one of the larger populations of Silverling (Paronychia argyrocoma) in New Hampshire. According to a Forest Service report, these rare plants, which grow on ledges, talus, and gravel river barrens, have been found at only 36 sites in New England. Hikers should take great care not to inadvertently trample them.

The view east to the Moats and Mt. Chocorua under classic summer skies.

The tightrope section leading to the western set of the East Ledges.

 A miniature pothole.

 A great place to hang out in the summer sun.


  1. Steve I just climbed Hedgehog this morning successfully after having gotten lost there 2 weeks ago. No trouble this time; the trail was nicely cleaned up and easy to follow. This morning was beautiful (I stayed on the ledges for over an hour) and I was the only one there. Charlotte Ryan

    1. Hi Charlotte,

      Glad you had a good hike on your return to Hedgehog! We brushed in a couple of the false paths we saw on the way to the East Ledges. It's a great place to hang out!